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Email security for smartphones and tablets with Voltage SecureMail Mobile Edition

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Voltage Security has a secure email client for both iOS and Android devices that mimic the same user interface of the device’s email apps. It is easy for IT to manage and scale without a lot of hassle for email message storage and key management. It is easy for business users to adopt without cumbersome certificates and web links.

Requires iOS v 5.1 or Android
Price: Free to download , requires Voltage SecureMail platform
Voltage Security

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July 12th, 2012 at 5:46 am

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Using Sendmail’s Sentrion for enterprise messaging management

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A fairly sophisticated messaging server that has wide-ranging policy management for data leak protection, message encryption, email sender reputation, and message routing purposes.

Price: Less than $13 per user, with a minimum of 1000 users.


  • Very complex message routing processes can be constructed for a wide variety of purposes
  • Compliance and governance can be built into messaging infrastructure
  • Sendmail is a leading email server software and supports a large number of third-party applications


  • Still some integration into a single Web server for management purposes
  • Policies can be fairly complex and require careful debugging

Version 4.0 was tested on a small network in August 2009.

Sendmail Inc.

6475 Christie Ave., Suite 350

Emeryville, CA  94608



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August 6th, 2009 at 9:03 am

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Protecting your messaging network with McAfee’s Secure Mail

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McAfee/Secure Computing’s Secure Mail email security appliance combines several different but complementary protection technologies for both inbound and outbound emails in one easy-to-setup box. While lots of vendors have anti-spam products, Secure Mail offers a superior way to stay ahead of the constantly changing and increasingly sophistication of spammers, and the company guarantees it can block 99% of unwanted inbound emails. It also has a wide range of outbound protective features that can help corporations be in compliance with various reporting rules such as SoX and PCI.

Product category: Email security appliance
Pricing: Base unit starts at $1,995, plus an additional $13.00 per user/year, lower for multi-year contracts and for more than 500 user networks. There are more powerful and costly appliances for larger networks.

We tested version the S10 appliance, which is the smallest and least expensive unit, running software version 6.7 on a small network in September 2008.

Secure Computing www.securecomputing.com 1-800-379-4944
55 Almaden Boulevard, Suite 500, San Jose, CA 95113

• Dashboard shows you status at-a-glance
• Almost all critical features managed by a Web browser
• Combines inbound and outbound email protection with global intelligence features of TrustedSource.org

• Changing startup configuration values once you complete the wizard can be tricky to find the right input screens
• Reports can be difficult to interpret

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February 17th, 2009 at 5:36 pm

Encrypting emails using Voltage Security Network

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We tested VSN on a Windows XP running Outlook Express v6 in September 2008, using a pre-configured version of the software supplied by Voltage. This is how a typical customer would use the software.

Summary: VSN is a plug-in for Outlook/Outlook Express that makes for sending and receiving encrypted emails literally a snap. There is a Web portal for users outside the enterprise, and a secure file transfer application add-on to Windows Explorer as well.

Advantages: VSN is extremely easy to use once setup.
Enterprises should consider VSN if they are looking for more control over things like user experience, which help desk number to call, control over cryptographic elements like root certificates, integration with other systems like Blackberry Enterprise Server. Also, if they are looking to off-load managing third-party authentication and providing help desk support, then VSN should be on your radar.

Disadvantages: You will probably need to coordinate the installation among several different IT departments. The online documentation is somewhat confusing.

Voltage Security Inc. 4005 Miranda Avenue #210,
Palo Alto, CA 94304 (650) 543-1280, http://voltage.com/products/vsn.htm

Windows only, works with Outlook (2000-2007), Outlook Express and Vista Mail applications
Price: $65 per seat per year, includes both secure email and secure file transfer

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February 17th, 2009 at 5:02 pm

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